Life Coach

“Life Coach seriously. Is that like a real job?” is what I am sure a lot of people are thinking when they ask me what I do. It always makes me laugh and I whisper “yes” and I also get paid for it.


The interesting part is Life Coaching is a lot more mainstream than people realize these days. There are literally thousands of Life Coaches around the world today. When you think about it, it comes from the rich history of mentorship but now has a modern twist.


Usually the next question is: “What is a life coach or why would I need one?” The short answer is a Life Coach is someone who helps you figure out and obtain your life’s goals (even when you don’t know what that is yet!) and gives you the resources to keep doing this even after you have completed your sessions. The longer answer is Life Coaches help people to get unstuck from their present life patterns. If you are not happy, they help figure out your values and align your life to them. If you are not fulfilling your potential, they help you to overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals. If you need to make hard changes, they help you to get over your fears and change your job or habits. If you have lost your balance, they can help you breath, relax and become content with your world.


The difference between Life Coaching and Therapy is Life Coaches aren’t as interested in the past, why you do what you do, or how it makes you feel, but instead focus on what your life’s goals are and what the steps are to achieve them. For me I focus on health. If you are looking for a business coach to help you with specific sales goals, then I may not be your man. But if you are looking to improve your Physical, Mental or Emotional health, than I can help you to accomplish those goals.


And lastly, “What qualifies you to be a life coach (I mean really that’s a tall order) and how long would something like that take?” Well to be honest those are good questions. I am a certified health nut and have apparently been that way for a long time. Way back in 1991, I graduated from Morehouse College with a Degree in Psychology. Then after a couple of years I went back and received my Masters in Social Work from Smith College in 1996. I have been working as a Psychotherapist with individuals, couples and families ever since. I enjoyed dancing, martial arts and gymnastics as a child; so in 2000 I was certified as a Yoga instructor, in 2004 certified as a Pilates instructor, and in 2007 as a Personal Trainer. As my interest grew and expanded, in 2010 I became a nutrition coach and opened a weight loss clinic.  As of 2012 I have become a Life Coach. Life is great, I enjoy teaching people how great it is and you can do almost anything once you put your mind to it.


As far as time is concerned the average client usually stays with me for between 4 and 6 sessions and seldom do I work for longer than 10 sessions with any one client. This is unless they are combining Life Coaching with programs such as Psychotherapy, Weight Loss or Personal Training.


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